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hello world!

Blue Screen

Blue has different meanings in different cultures. In Chinese culture, blue represents freshness, serenity, melancholy, open-mindedness, calmness, etc. In Indian culture, blue is associated with the sea, which in turn is associated with wealth, wisdom, etc. In Tibetan culture, blue is associated with the heavenly realm, which is naturally associated with the desire for a better afterlife.

Computer Blue Screen

Blue screen refers to a protective measure taken by the operating system to protect the computer hardware when an error occurs in the computer system. When a computer system error occurs, the operating system will automatically stop running and display a blue screen with error messages, error codes, etc. This prevents damage to the computer hardware. This prevents the computer hardware from being damaged

Use the blue screen as a light

The blue color brings positive emotions to people, using a blue screen instead of lights may achieve unexpected results.