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Black Screen

What is a black Screen Test?

The black screen test is an online test that displays black on the full screen. Using a full black screen, you can check whether the screen has dead pixels and other uses. In addition to displaying a full black screen, you can also switch to other colors, including white, red, blue, etc.

how to use?

1. Visit our website

2. Click on the black color block on the web page

3. When the screen turns black, check the screen for dead pixels or stains

4. Press the esc key to exit full screen

5. Switch to another color for testing

About Black

Black is a color defined as the absence of essentially any visible light entering the visual field, as opposed to white, where all light within the visible spectrum enters the visual field at the same time.A pigment that absorbs all visible light within the spectrum and does not reflect light of any color is perceived as black by the human eye. Black is the color of mourning, and people often wear black clothes to funerals. Black also symbolizes a kind of authority and power, representing mystery and high end.

Benefits of black screen

As for the black screen, it can help save power and reduce eye strain. In addition, the dark mode reduces glare and makes the screen easier to read.

Black screens can save power

On OLED screens, black pixels do not emit light, so when using dark mode, these pixels do not consume power, thus extending battery life.

Black screens can be disguised as off

You can set the screen to full black, so people will think your computer is turned off, but it is still running.

Black screen is better for cleaning

When wiping the screen, the black screen can more easily see the stains on the screen.In addition to using the black full screen to clean the screen, you can also use the white screen to observe and clean darker dust to make the screen cleaner.


This tool supports all devices, including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. All can be used by visiting our website.

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