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Purple Screen

Purple is a mysterious, noble and elegant color that is often given different symbolic meanings. Purple represents nobility and is often the color favored by aristocrats and is seen as a symbol of power. Purple also represents boldness and courage.

Using purple screens as billboards

Purple gives a person a noble feeling, we can use purple screen as a billboard to better experience the noble value of the brand.

Reasons why computer screens turn purple

Computer screen becomes purple may be due to the following reasons:
1, poor contact between the monitor and the connection port of the chassis, which can cause a lack of color is the computer display becomes purple.
2, the cathode ray tube processing primary color circuit suddenly malfunction will cause the computer display becomes purple.
3, moisture short circuit or display aging, etc. will also cause this phenomenon.
4, the chromaticity control circuit or chip of the graphics card has a problem.
5, the color manager in the monitor is bad will also lead to the computer display becomes purple;